Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society
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Thu 15 Feb 2018, 7:00pm  |  The Maypole (Top floor)
CUCaTS is very excited to announce, in partnership with TPP, a pub quiz on Thursday 15th! Unlike a typical pub quiz, the format of this one will me more akin to questions from Project Euler, and so you'll need to exercise your problem solving skills to tackle the range of challenges sets instead of applying your general knowledge (in fact, laptops are encouraged)! There will be a free pizza dinner and plenty of drinks both on the tables and free at the bar (get a stamp from TPP to get on the tab!). There will also be prizes for the winning team (Raspberry Pi 3's each) as well as spot-prizes. We recommend teams of about 5-6 people, but smaller groups are welcome too, and if you're unsure who to come with then we'll be happy to match you up with other keen problem solvers :) It's a good ... (more)


If you are reading this, no additional material has been uploaded for this event.

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