Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society

The Society

The Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society is the main university-wide student society for those taking interest in computer science and technology. Our primary events are a series of talks held by invited speakers on a relevant area of their expertise, which are open to all members of the university. Our speakers have included leading academics in their fields, as well as highly successful entrepreneurs representing technological companies. Past speakers include Dr Steven Hand of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and Dr Andrew Herbert, Managing Director of Microsoft Research Europe.

Our talks are open to all members of the university, and aim to be accessible to interested undergraduates as well as interesting to more expert members of the audience. Details of upcoming talks and events may be viewed on our events page.

We also hold annual events such as a Freshers' Squash, a Puzzlehunt and a Garden Party in the summer. You can look through our past events on our events page.

The Committee

The Committee of the society is responsible for managing its day-to-day operations, preparing events, inviting speakers and liaising with industrial supporters. It is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting of the society.

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