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HERDING CATS is the custom, PHP/MySQL-based content management system that the CUCaTS website operates on, named for what is thought to be an unusually apt description of the central aspect of society work. It simultaneously acts as a lightweight, easy-to-bre^H^H^Hhack platform to present the website, membership management system and internal information dump for the committee. Upon request, we would be happy to set up a clone of the system for the benefit of other societies who are on the lookout for something sufficiently dorky to base their web presence on, but remaining rough edges do mean that some knowledge of the underlying technologies would be most useful for anyone who wants to run on it.

The system was conceived and hacked into a very superficially usable state over the course of a single sleepless night after a chance encounter some 5600km away from the bell tower of Great St Mary's Church by Matvey Soloviev and Sunoo Park of the 2011-12 committee, and then subsequently alternatingly refined and broken by the aforementioned as well as Frankie Robertson and Joseph Seaton who both thought a completely custom system for a problem solved several thousand times was a silly idea but begrudgingly fell into line regardless. The current version is 1.0.

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