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Thu 16 Feb 2012, 6:00pm  |  Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre, Trinity Ln
Mr David North (CoreFiling Ltd) speaks on
How do you approach a classification problem involving thousands of categories rather than the 'usual’ five or six? What happens when your data-set is several gigabytes and growing? What open-source tools are available, are they any good, and can they be put to commercial use? How do you measure the system’s effectiveness when you’re not allowed to see the real data because of client confidentiality?

David North, from Oxford-based software company CoreFiling, will aim to answer all these questions and more in a talk on machine learning from an industry perspective.


CoreFiling has kindly offered to provide free drinks to all attendees after the talk.

Speaker's slides, part 1 (PDF)

Speaker's slides, part 2 (PDF)

Photos from the talk

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