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Thu 17 Nov 2011, 6:00pm  |  South Lecture Room, Department of Archaeology, Downing Street
Mr Sean Gustafson (University of Potsdam) speaks on
To increase mobility, designers are creating ever smaller mobile devices. After a certain point they are so small that a screen cannot be included and the device no longer supports any sort of spatial interaction (such as pointing) because, seemingly, there is nothing to point at. In this talk, I will present Imaginary Interfaces, a vision of hypermobile devices that rejects this notion. These completely non-visual interfaces retain the model of spatial interaction by sensing where the user is pointing in free space or on their body. I will present a depth camera based prototype, called Imaginary Phone, which allows users to operate a real iPhone by mimicking iPhone interaction on their empty palm and a set user studies that explore methods of learning a non-visual pointing environment.


Photos from the talk

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