Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society

Committee of Michaelmas 2012

President Matvey Soloviev (ms900)
Vice-President Jafar Miles (jm779)
Membership Subcommittee
Secretary Ben Webb (bjw45)
Member Jafar Miles (jm779)
Financial Subcommittee
Junior Treasurer Jafar Miles (jm779)
Events Subcommittee
Chair Frankie Robertson (fr272)
Member Catriona Meechan (cmm73)
IT Subcommittee
Chair Diggory Blake (djjb2)
Member Amar Sood (as2193)
Member Matvey Soloviev (ms900)
External Subcommittee
Chair Amar Sood (as2193)
Member Jafar Miles (jm779)
Advisory subcommittee
Chair Sunoo Park (sp590)

Past committees

Easter 2012 · Michaelmas 2011 · Easter 2011 · 2010

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